Innovative fleet equipped for every situation

Our fleet is characterized by its strong seaworthiness, reliability and towing power, allowing to provide any solution for our customers.
To deliver our range of services, SAFE SEA has selected the Norwegian shipyard JEMAR NORPOWER as its preferred partner, in a recognition of their solid experience and extensive know-how in building workboats especially adapted for boat towing, logistics and support operations at sea.

SAFE SEA has also trusted JEMAR NORPOWER for their extensive skills in anti-pollution activity, developed after years of operation around the oil platforms in the north sea, and attested by their long-time membership to NOSCA, the Norwegian Oil Spill Control Association.

Main technical specifications

Name: CAIS MAR / CS-855-AC
MMSI: 263673590
Length over all: 9,1 m
Beam Incl. Fender: 3,3 m
Lightship weight: 5,0 tons
Max deplacement: 8,0 tons
Buoyancy under main deck: 18,0 tons
Speed: 18 knots
Bollard pull: 2,8 tons
Motor: 300hp
Fuel capacity: 615 l