A wide array of logistics and support services

Our privileged location and flexible equipment provides SAFE SEA with the capacity to efficiently service all merchant or passenger ships anchoring at or cruising off the Cascais bay.

Our logistics and support services include:
 - Transportation of supplies, cargo or equipment (bulk or palletized);
 - Maritime charts;
 - Crew transport;
 - Waste disposal;
 - Technical and recreational divers support;
 - Inspections (example: ship towing formations, bunkers);
 - Surveys (general cargo, equipment, etc);
 - Calibration, repair and inspection of magnetic compasses;
 - Meteorological buoy placement and recovery;
 - Emergency rescue for crew members and passengers (in cooperation with Hospital CUF-Cascais);
 - Pollution control, Oil Spill Recovery (OSR):

Our fleet and crew are constantly trained and prepared for prevention, support and fast response in sensible operations that are prone to oil spills and leakages.
We can provide support for bunkering, petroleum hydrocarbon waste removal and transport operations and also prepare and organize oil spills recovery training exercises.

Some of our main equipment are:

Booms/floating barriers that can retain marine spills and assist in the recovery of the oils;

Skimmers that can separate the oil from the water surface and transfer it into a container;

Powerful oil recovery pumps that assure fast and reliable transport of the oils with continuous and trouble free performance;

Several temporary containers of 1000 liters for onsite utilization if needed.

 - Other Logistics and Support services to merchant and military vessels.