The best partners to ensure a top-quality service

The global market leader within towage and emergency response, SVITZER, that has been in the forefront of specialized marine services for more than 175 years, celebrated a partnership with SAFE SEA, that provides both the possibility to extended their range of services, offering the best solutions to our customers satisfaction. For SAFE SEA , its represents access to a recognized quality and expertise in training our staff, assuring that we are prepared to perform at the highest standards in even the most challenging situations. This continuous and specialized training program, using a unique combination of theoretical learning and real-life simulation, focuses to provide the a fast and efficient response to all maritime emergencies.
This partnership also have an important role when choosing and preparing the right hardware and equipment to a given situation, reinforcing SAFE SEA as a trusted provider.
Our privileged location and certified capabilities, allows SVITZER to be able to provide instant and professional response to a variety of marine emergency situation 24/7.
- SVITZER standard salvage kit
- Two emergency teams 24/7
- Real-time monitoring of all SAFE SEA operations
- Crew training by SVITZER Salvage Academy
- SVITZER standard tugboats

CUF Cascais Clinic is sized to serve the people of Cascais, Oeiras and Sintra. Functioning as a small Hospital, offering a wide range of medical specialties, advanced technological equipment, surgeries and teams of experienced and qualified professionals. SAFE SEA has celebrate a protocol with CUF Cascais that assure a complete first response to any emergency or medical condition.